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BD Living is a uniquely equipped construction service provider company located in Maddington, WA. Our company is run and programmed by a qualified & experienced crew. We offer innovative  solutions to different types of construction needs. We extend our services to both residential and commercial properties. Our service areas are- Perth, Maddington, Cannington, and Canning Vale.

As an experienced company, we specialize in providing a broad range of services and they are-
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Company's Aim

Company’s Goal

Delivering high-quality services has always been the primary goal of BD Living. In an endeavor to serve our clients in the best possible way, we strive for excellence in every step and aspect of the process. Because we strive for excellence, we have always been able to surpass clients’ expectations.

BD Living is here to help meet your construction needs and woes. We exhibit professionalism, honesty, and integrity when we are with our customers. Also, we make use of professional-grade tools and quality materials to ensure every job gets done properly. Therefore, you have nothing to be worried about when BD Living is here to be at your service.

Our Vision

BD Living’s Vision is to turn your vision into a reality by fulfilling your construction needs.


BD Living’s mission is to deliver top-class services & exceed clients’ expectations every time.


Professionalism, integrity, excellence, passion, performance, & customer commitment.



BD Living intends to serve every client with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We handle every job with complete dedication and passion regardless of the size and type of the project. Our crew maintains punctuality and professionalism to complete every job on time. We focus on all the important factors including your budget before getting started with any project. We have outdone ourselves with our superior quality services.

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All-Round Solutions

We think out of the box when it comes to developing a plan for a project. Our unique approach to the service delivery process has allowed us to complete every project successfully. Our thirst for excellence sets us apart from our competitors.

Safe Construction Process

We take safety measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved with a construction project. As an industry leader, BD Living understands the importance of maintaining safety in the workplace. Our experts are properly trained and knowledgeable about safety measures.

Scalable Operations

Our efficiency and team efforts have allowed us to manage scalable operations in every aspect of the service delivery process. Whether it’s a big construction project or a small one, we can manage it efficiently depending on the requirements.

Committed & Passionate

We exhibit passion in every construction we undertake. As experienced professionals, we are committed to upholding the industry’s standards and delivering superior quality services. Our competent crew makes sure to maintain our company’s reputation by providing top-class services every time.



What Can I Expect During The Construction Process?
At BD Living, we practice a unique approach to the construction process. First of all, we take safety measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project. We place our equipment strategically and we do our best to minimize the effects on your daily routine. You can rest assured by knowing that our construction process is efficient & effective, whether it’s a home renovation process or a new home construction process.
Can I Be Involved With The Design Process?
Yes, you definitely can. As a matter of fact, we ask for our clients’ opinions on the design. After all, it’s you we work for. So, we would obviously want you to be a part of the design process. As a customer-centered business, we follow the customer-first practice.
What Can I Do To Help Ensure The Project Progresses In A Timely Manner?
For your safety, we would like to request you not to move any tools or equipment without speaking to our team. We try our best to keep everything at the scheduled time. It’s become easy for us to progress the project in a timely manner when you cooperate with us when required. Don’t worry, BD Living always gets the job done on time.
How Long Should I Expect To Get My Project Done?
Well, the timeline for completion of a project totally depends on the type of the project and factors involved in it. We will walk you through the process so that you have an idea about the timeline, design, and nature of the project. We try our best to complete a project on the scheduled timeline and that’s what we have been doing all these years.
Do You Undertake All Types Of Construction Projects?
Yes, we do. Our services are available for both residential and commercial industries. From home renovations, standard development to commercial buildings, we undertake residential & commercial projects of all sizes.
Are You A Properly Licensed & Insured Construction Company?
Yes, BD Living is a fully licensed and insured construction service provider company. Every staff is qualified, skilled, and experienced with proper background checked. Because it’s our intention to deliver excellent results, we only employ the best in our company.
Are Your Service Prices Competitive?
As a trusted name in the market and in an endeavor to serve our clients in the best possible way, we have kept our service charges at fairly reasonable prices. We want everyone to take advantage of our top-class and cost-effective services. If you wish to know about the average cost of a construction project, contact us so that we can give you an estimate.
What Are Your Service Locations?
BD Living’s service locations are Perth, Maddington, Cannington, and Canning Vale. We have been serving these areas for decades ever since the inception of our business. If you have a residential or commercial construction project coming up in any of these areas, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to undertake your project.
BD-Living PTy LTD

At BD Living, we take care of every job with complete dedication by exhibiting our passion and quality craftsmanship. We have been able to set the bar high by providing the best to our clients. BD Living has a highly experienced, skilled, & reliable crew that would go to great lengths to deliver exceptional results.

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